Kathryn Jones
Pastor James

Senior Pastor

What a joy and privilege to bring the Gospel of Christ to the wonderful people of God at TLO Church and School community. I am blessed to be a pastor and share this restoring and renewing Good News - the message of God's love in Christ - every day. I'm married to Lynn and we have three children. I especially enjoy studying the New Testament Bible in Greek, spending precious time with my family, playing board games, playing tennis and taking in a great cup of coffee with friends.

Mrs. Kathy Jones begins her first year as principal and middle school teacher this year.  Previously, she served three Lutheran schools in Texas, Minnesota, and North Dakota. 


Years of experience: 34

Education:   B.A. in Elementary Education, School Music- Concordia Univ., St. Paul;

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction- University of Minnesota;

LCMS School Leadership Project Certificate

Amanda Vaudt


Ms. Amanda Vaudt has been teaching at TLO for 4 years. She has taught in various settings in PreK, K, 1st, and 2nd grades. Teaching in a Lutheran school gives her the privilege of sharing the good news of the Gospel as part of the everyday curriculum. Her hope for each child is that they develop a love of learning and excitement for school!


Years of experience: 17

Education:  BA in Elementary Education - Concordia Univ., St. Paul;

Minor in Outdoor Education

Heather Bielec


This is Mrs. Heather Bielec's first year at TLO. She has spent her entire career in Lutheran early childhood. Teaching in a Lutheran school gives her the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with her students-- some of them for the first time. The most rewarding part of her job is seeing that "a-ha!" moment on a child's face when they truly begin to understand a new letter sound or how much Jesus loves them!


Years of experience: 14

Education: BA in Elementary Education - University of Sioux Falls; Commissioned Minister- Concordia University, St. Paul

Amy Zenda-Johnson

Grades 1 & 2

Mrs. Amy Zenda-Johnson has been teaching at TLO for 7 years. Although an avid Packer fan, somehow she has spent her entire career teaching in the land of the Vikings and chooses to make this frigid state her home. During the course of her teaching career, she  has taught all ages and grades from preschool through eighth grade, and has been a preschool co-director, conference presenter, and parent educator. She believes in being a life-long learner and enjoys taking continuing education  courses. She feels it an honor to be able to share not only her love of learning, but also the message of Jesus with her students and their families.


Years of experience: 26

Education:  BA in Elementary Education, Minor in English - Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN; Colloquy - Concordia Univ., St. Paul; MA in Education - Concordia Univ., St. Paul

Jenny Brewer

Grade 4

Mrs. Jenny Brewer has been teaching at TLO for 5 years. Previously, she taught upper elementary classes in Illinois. Mrs. Brewer began teaching at TLO serving as the middle school Language Arts teacher, and then she transferred to 4th grade. As the fourth graders continue to progress in their development, Mrs. Brewer aspires to create an environment in which students can strengthen their love of learning. Students continue to grow in their faith, and strive to meet or exceed the state standards in all academic areas. They begin to develop specific skills aimed at making them more proficient studiers and learners, helping them to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. Overall, Mrs. Brewer wants her students to see their intrinsic value as children of God!

Years of experience: 11

Education: BA in Elementary Education - Concordia Univ., Chicago; 
Minor in Sociology

Rachel Symmank


Mrs. Rachel Symmank has been teaching at TLO for 9 years. Before accepting God's call to serve at TLO, she taught in parochial schools in Nebraska and Kansas, teaching children from preschool through middle school. She has also served as Director of Early Childhood. For ten years, Mrs. Symmank was a Parent Educator in the national Parents as Teachers program. She is an educator who loves to teach children about God’s amazingly complex and organized world. Mrs. Symmank enjoys fostering a love of life-long learning in her students.

Years of experience: 16

Education: BS in Elementary Education - Concordia Univ., Nebraska

Pinky Seeman

Grade 3

Mrs. Pinky Seeman has been teaching at TLO for 10 years. Before accepting God's call to serve at TLO, she taught grades 2-4 in Indiana and Richfield, Minnesota. She is an educator who is excited about teaching students the love and faith in our Savior. She enjoys teaching students how to become more independent learners. Mrs. Seeman especially enjoys making history a more realistic concept for students in Social Studies.


Years of experience: 17

Education: BA in Elementary Education - Concordia Univ., St Paul

Stephanie Vallin

Middle School, Music Education

Mrs. Stephanie Vallin has been teaching at TLO for 17 years.  Previously, she was a third grade teacher and band director at a Lutheran school in Missouri.  She has directed the band program at TLO since 2001 and also taught middle school language arts from 2004-2012.  Currently, she teaches 7th and 8th grade and PS-8 music.  The most exciting part of her job is seeing students’ growth in God’s gift of music, and interacting together as a musical team.  


Years of experience: 20

Education: BS in Elementary Education - Concordia Univ., Nebraska; 
BS in Secondary Education - Concordia Univ., Nebraska

Rob Orr

Middle School, Physical Education

This is Mr. Rob Orr's first year teaching at TLO.  Previously, he taught at Central Lutheran School for eight years and then was principal/teacher at Joy Academy for five years. Mr. Orr is also TLO's athletic director. He has also served as a coach for many years. Mr. Orr loves being able to share Christ in the classroom and to also share his faith with students the way his teachers did with him when he was in school. 

Years of experience: 14

Education: BA in History - University of Minnesota, Duluth

BA in Secondary Education- University of Minnesota, Duluth;

minor in Coaching

Colloquy - Concordia University, St. Paul


Administrative Assistant

Having a mother as a Lutheran school teacher means that Miss Katarina has spent practically her entire life in Lutheran schools. She is so happy to get to work in an environment where she sees God at work every day in the lives of students, staff, and their families.

Mary Jane Weierke

Preschool Aide

This is Mrs. Mary Jane Weierke's second year at TLO.  After retiring from her accounting job of 43 years, Miss Mary Jane found her second calling in childcare. She has spent the last nine years working in  preschool and childcare programs. Currently, Mary Jane helps with the before school care program and aides in the preschool room during the day. Mary Jane's greatest joy in working at TLO is watching the expressions on the faces of little ones as they hear, talk, sing songs, and ask many questions about our God. 


Linda Flannery

Preschool Aide

Mrs. Linda Flannery is a teachers’ aide and has been working at TLO for 11 years. Previously, she worked at United and Children’s Hospital for 32 years. Having been baptized, gone to school, confirmed and married here, TLO has always been an important part of her life. Sharing God's love with the students and hearing them tell how God has blessed them is enjoyable and exciting to her!

Julie Casby

Preschool Aide

This is Mrs. Julie Casby's second year at TLO.  Previously, she had been a classroom teacher, educational coordinator, director of a Lutheran preschool, plus many other jobs within preschools or day care settings. Currently, Mrs. Casby works with the preschool in the afternoons and during after school care. Julie's passion for working with children is best described by the Air Supply song, "In the Eyes of a Child": “In the eyes of a child, there is joy, there is laughter, there is hope, there is love, a chance to change the future. For the lessons in life there is no better teacher than to look in the eyes of a child.”


Years of experience: 30+

Education: BA in Early Childhood Education - Concordia Univ., St. Paul 

Jean Peterson

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Peterson enjoys working with the administration, teachers and staff of Trinity Lone Oak, as well as school families and prospective families who want to know more about our Christ-centered school. She loves TLO because we offer quality academics structured within a loving Christian environment.

Joey Nilan

School Nurse

Mrs. Nilan has been serving TLO as a school nurse since 2007. She works through District 197 to serve us and other area private schools.  Mrs. Nilan is on-site once every week to address students' health needs, keep school records in order, run any health screenings, and educate teachers on the health needs of their students. Mrs. Nilan helps support the health goals of the school and works to keep students' bodies in good working order so they can continue to be a blessing to God and others.

Education: Bachelor's of Science in Nursing; licensed school nurse

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