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Founded in 1880, Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church and School has been a landmark in Eagan for over 140 years. The cornerstone for the first church building was laid shortly after members began worshiping both in a private home and in a public school next to the John Wagenknecht farm in Eagan.  

TLO Church members founded the school to fulfill the important mission of providing a quality, Christian education, building the first separate school building in 1890 and adding to the building in 1893 and 1908. TLO has constructed three different school buildings over its history. 


The “Lone Oak” name comes from a large oak once located near our school.  This large tree was originally the only tree in the middle of a vast grassland. Farmers would gather under the shade of that oak tree to barter and trade produce.  It was under the shade of this tree that the community of Eagan was first founded.  To this day, the city of Eagan utilizes the “Lone Oak” logo on official stationery, city vehicles, and water towers.


Trinity Lone Oak was granted the national Blue Ribbon Award in 2006. This lifetime award distinguished us as a school of excellence in the United States, based upon standardized test scores and curricular programming.

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