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Equipping children for life-long learning and service by nurturing hearts and minds in Christ.

Vision: Know…Mirror…Live…Jesus’ Love

At Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran, we teach children the word of God, prepare them to be God’s witnesses, provide a quality education, and work to develop the whole child by fostering the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and social skills that will serve our students throughout their lives.

Making Known Jesus’ Love

At the heart of our mission is helping children to know the love of Jesus and deepen their relationship with Him as their Lord and Savior. At TLO, we gladly hear and cling to God’s Word, glorify God the Father and boldly make known Jesus’ love and forgiveness. This is a place to grow in faith and Christian discipleship through the Holy Spirit.

Mirroring Jesus’ love

Because simply knowing God’s love is not enough, we work to mirror Jesus’ love for us in affirming, loving relationships toward others. Every person has full value in Christ, and we seek to lift each other up, strengthen students and their families, and care for one another as Christ genuinely loves and cares for us.

Living Jesus’ love

We are passionate about using our God-given gifts to make a positive impact in the lives of others now and for eternity.

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