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Trinity Lone Oak strives for excellence.

Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School is accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA). Accreditation is voluntary but shows that TLO is committed to meeting a high standard of quality and values continued improvement.


National Lutheran School Accreditation is similar to other accrediting processes in that it involves self-evaluation followed by a visit of objective, third-party observers. Accreditation helps Lutheran schools evaluate the quality of their academic program, activities and the spiritual dimension of the school and put plans in motion to improve for the benefit of students and their families.


More than 250 specific indicators contribute to a school’s accreditation, including providing a healthy learning environment, quality instruction through written curricula, offering resources for students beyond classroom instruction, being led by a qualified staff, and integrating the Christian faith in instruction​.

In addition to accreditation, Trinity Lone Oak was granted the national Blue Ribbon Award in 2006. This lifetime award distinguished us as a school of excellence in the United States, based upon standardized test scores and curricular programming.

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