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Trinity Lone Oak provides quality Christian education to students in preschool through eighth grade. Serving students and families for 134 years, TLO is committed to helping students reach their utmost potential though the integration of Christian faith and learning. Trinity Lone Oak desires to prepare students not only for high school education, but also for adulthood. Our comprehensive, rigorous curriculum and wide range of extra-curricular activities and athletics promote development of the whole person. 



Children who attend preschool at TLO have a chance to practice social interactions, discover new interests, develop their independence and learn more about God and Jesus. Preschool prepares them for future education, and in particular, helps with Kindergarten readiness.


Teachers and staff in our Preschool Program recognize the importance of helping children discover how to learn and succeed in the school culture. They focus on fostering self-confidence, developing the whole child and encouraging exploration.


The goal at Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Kindergarten is to promote the development of the whole child, focusing on cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.  Each child will be provided with a variety of concrete and hands on, integrated learning experiences.  Young children learn while at play and learn best by being directly involved in the learning process. The teacher will understand that each child has his or her own developmental stage, learning style and cultural background.  Instruction is designed to build upon this diversity, while developing each child to his or her fullest potential.


Grades 1-4 at Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School are taught by classroom teachers with additional instructors for music and physical education. Our elementary program focuses on building strong academic and spiritual foundations that will equip students to be successful in middle school and on. 


When Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran students graduate from eighth grade, they attend a variety of high schools, including large public high schools and Christian high schools. We have found that they are excelling and transitioning well thanks to the solid foundation they received at TLO.


Grades 5-8 at Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School are departmentalized. Grade 5 is the transition year into the middle school. This means that students have several teachers during their school day that are specialists in a particular field of study. In order to maintain a family-like atmosphere, each class also has a homeroom teacher who monitors the overall academic, social, and spiritual progress of individual students as well as the class as a whole.

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