Classes raise money and participate in a variety of charitable projects throughout the year, including Feed My Starving Children, Toys for Tots and more.


At the beginning of the school year, the students are assigned an adult and pray for their designated partner on a regular basis both at school and at home. The students write letters and make greeting cards for their partners. Many of the students have formed a friendly relationship with their prayer partner that has continued beyond their school years.


Students at TLO take a variety of field trips based on their grade level and curriculum. Past trips have included:

Trinity Lone Oak is committed to providing experiences to enrich the whole child.



  • Minnesota Zoo

  • Orchestra Hall

  • Festival of Nations

  • Track & Field Meet

  • Science Museum

  • Landscape Arboretum

  • Minnesota Raptor Center

  • Fort Snelling

  • McDougall's Apple Orchard

  • Children's Museum


During the fall and spring, students and teachers spend their noon break walking laps around the school property. Rewards are given for successfully completing set distances. Each school family group encourages and supports members of their team in the club, which is intended to encourage healthy habits and develop leadership and self-esteem.

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