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Do I have to be Lutheran?

You do not need to be a Lutheran to attend Trinity Lone Oak. Our school is Lutheran in identity, but open to all faith traditions. Our teachers are trained in Lutheran theology, and students study Martin Luther's Small Catechism beginning in middle school, but students of all faiths are successful at Trinity Lone Oak.

In fact, while x% of students belong to Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church, Y churches are represented in TLO's student body including (list here).

What are TLO's school hours?

Our school hours are 8:00 am-3:15 pm. Students may enter the classroom as early as 7:45 am, and parents may pick up students until 3:30 pm. Before and after school care is available for parents who may need additional care. For more information about before and after school care, visit our Beyond the Bell page. 

Does TLO have school uniforms?

Trinity Lone Oak does not have school uniforms. Instead, we have a dress code. We ask that students dress neatly and modestly during the school day. 

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